My Culture Clock: Maxine Peake Dishes On Her Average Day…

Maxine Peake, who is currently appearing in psychological thriller Keeping Rosy with Inbetweeners actor Blake Harrison, tells us about her average day…

5.30AM: At the moment I’m filming The Village for the BBC so I get up at 5.30am. I have a quick shower, get dressed and my driver Paul picks me up and takes me to the Peak District where the set is. We listen to Radio 2 en route.

7AM: I arrive on set and go straight into make-up and hair. Then I go and grab some breakfast which is normally a couple of poached eggs and a slice of toast before getting into costume.

9AM: Once I’m in costume I have about 50 minutes of waiting before I am called to set. I have a read of what I’m doing that day and I’m appearing in Hamlet at the Royal Exchange in September so in between scenes I have been trying to learn lines for that! I’m also reading Women As Hamlet by Tony Howard.

1PM: I’ll queue and get some lunch in the canteen and then go back to my Winnebago and do more reading while I’m eating. I also check emails and make phone calls.

7PM: We finish filming and my driver Paul takes me home in the car. I normally nod off on the way.

8PM: My boyfriend is the cook in the house so we’ll have something to eat when I get home. His parents are from the Ukraine so we eat things like beetroot soup and a lot of fish. We listen to Marc Riley’s BBC Radio 6 Music show while we eat.

9PM: After dinner we will watch a DVD. We watched Behind The Candelabra recently and it was great.

11PM: Before bed we put the news on for ten minutes and then hit the sack.

Keeping Rosy is out in Picturehouse Cinemas now