Additional Information on Maxine Peake’s film ‘Funny Cow’

Thanks to Kevin Proctor from POW Films we have some additional info on Maxine’s project ‘Funny Cow’ as well as two photos. Check them out below:

Moviehouse has boarded production Funny Cow, set to star Red Riding star Maxine Peake in the story of a female comedian’s rise to fame from a tough working class background.

BAFTA-winner Tinge Krishnan directs Tony Pitts’ script with Pitts also on board to co-star. Kevin Proctor produces with Mark Vennis of Moviehouse Entertainment.

Fully Screen Daily article here:

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POW Films are in development of their debut feature film, ‘Funny Cow’ about the rise of a Northern comedienne in the male dominated world of stand-up comedy.

Maxine Peake will star as the eponymous Funny Cow with Tony Pitts as her violent life partner and John Hannah as her agent with an original score composed by Richard Hawley.

BAFTA winning Director Tinge Krishnan will direct the script penned by Tony Pitts.