Maxine Peake News – 3 YEARS online

It’s been exactly 3 years since this site, ‘Maxine Peake News‘, first opened its imaginary doors 🙂

The website went through a couple of changes and hopefully, lots of improvements in the past but the aim to create a space for fans of Maxine to look out for news and photos organized in a gallery has always been the same. Now you wouldn’t think of it that much maybe – 3 years can be a long time though. When I first started writing blog posts on here, I had only just graduated, moved out, just basically starting a new chapter in my life as well as beginning my studies and along my way I discovered Silk which I still love most of all of Maxine’s work.

In summary, working on MPN has not only brought joy to me but it also means a great deal. I hope y’all stick around and keep on enjoying Maxine’s work. We certainly do 😀