‪#‎RXYC‬ panel discussion with Maxine Peake, Matthew Xia and Sarah Frankcom

Manchester People’s Assembly welcomes Maxine Peake on Tuesday for anti action austerity week

This month’s meeting of the Manchester People’s Assembly is set to feature two very special guests: Julie Hesmondhalgh and Maxine Peake (pictured).

The renowned local actors/activists will be speaking and performing next Tuesday at the Central Methodist Hall on Oldham Street. A fiercely political event, its aim is to raise money for an ‘anti-austerity action week’, in protest of the cuts.
Speaking on a discussion panel will be Anthony O’Connor, head of fundraising for Manchester Cathedral, and Lynn Collins from TUC North West.

Booking is required, and while free tickets are available, the organisers request that those who can afford it plump for a paid ticket. A large percentage of the tickets have already gone, so it’s worth booking early. There will also be a collection of money and goods for the refugees in Calais. A full list of accepted items can be found on the Facebook page, below.

Tue 8 Sep, Central Methodist Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ, 7pm – 9pm, Free/£2.50/£5 tickets available, www.facebook.com

Words: A. James Simpkin


Maxine Peake at the Festival No 6 tomorrow

Maxine will be discussing her role as Hamlet at the No. 6 Festival this weekend prior to the DVD release on the 7th of September!

We’re delighted to have Maxine Peake returning to Festival No.6, after her great performance with the Eccentronic Research Council in Portmeirion in 2012. Maxine is one of the nation’s favourite and most acclaimed actresses. She has starred in a prolific run of top quality dramas, including See No Evil: The Moors Murders, Red Riding, The Devil’s Whore, Criminal Justice, Little Dorrit, The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister, Hancock and Joan (BAFTA nominated), The Street and Shameless. She also performed the stunning Masque of Anarchy as part of Manchester International Festival, where she delivered Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem of the same name, directed by the Royal Exchange’s Sarah Frankcom. This took place at the Albert Hall, mere steps from the site of the poem’s topic, the Peterloo Massacre of 1819.


Maxine Peake visiting Stockport for a book reading tomorrow

The actress will join film writer and director Carol Morley at Seven Miles Out for a reading of Carol’s debut novel

Star of stage and screen Maxine Peake is coming to Stockport this week for a book reading.

The actress will be appearing with film director Carol Morley at the Seven Miles Out arts centre, on Market Place, for a reading of Carol’s debut novel – which is appropriately named ‘7 Miles Out’.

Carol, who was born and brought up in Stockport, wrote and directed ‘The Falling’, a 2014 film starring Maxine alongside Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

Last year she was the special guest at Screen Stockport Film Festival, which is directed by Joe Barratt, whose family also run Seven Miles Out.

7 Miles Out is a fictional version of her childhood growing up in Heaton Chapel and tells the story of ‘Ann’ and her struggle to cope with the suicide of her father when she was 11-years-old, which sends her spiralling into self-destructive teenage years in hedonistic 1980s Manchester .

She also explores this topic in one of her earlier documentary films, ‘The Alcohol Years’, and with the release of her novel she is following in the footsteps of her brother Paul Morley, who wrote about his experiences growing up in Stockport in his books ‘Nothing’ and ‘The North’.

Carol and Maxine will be at Seven Miles Out from 5.30pm tomorrow (Thursday, September 3), where Carol will also be signing copies of the book.

7 Miles out is published in paperback tomorrow.

For more information visit sevenmilesoutarts.co.uk.


Maxine Peake as special guest at Carol Morley’s semi-autobio novel publication event

Carol Morley, critically acclaimed director of The Falling, Dreams of a Life, Edge Movie and The Alcohol Years has just recently published with Blink Publishing her first semi-autobiographical novel: 7 Miles Out. To celebrate its release there will be a book signing and reading in Stockport (IT’S FREE) where the book is set at the Seven Miles Out cafe. Carol will be bringing along a SPECIAL GUEST – MAXINE PEAKE!

It’s official, the special guest Carol is bringing with her on Thursday at 5.30pm is the Bafta nominated actress and director Maxine Peake.so please arrive early to get a seat as we are not a large venue.

Carol and Maxine will be reading extracts from the book so it will be an event not to be missed! The book is on sale for £8.99 and Carol will be signing copies.


Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Welcome to the mass movement of giving a toss about stuff’

Corbyn’s rally in Manchester on Saturday was attended by 1,800 people, including actors Maxine Peake and Julie Hesmondhalgh, as the leadership favourite revealed 13,000 people have signed up to volunteer on his campaign. But does he want to be prime minister?

On Saturday night Reid, along with actors Maxine Peake and Julie Hesmondhalgh, were among around 1,800 people to attend a Corbyn rally in the Sheridan Suite in the deprived Miles Platting area of the city. Earlier in the day the unassuming MP for Islington North had addressed a thousand-strong crowd in Derby and 1,700 in Sheffield. Eight-hundred of those couldn’t fit inside the Crucible theatre, causing Corbyn to perform twice, inside and out, before legging it to the station for his next engagement.

Actor Maxine Peake (Shameless, Silk, The Village) was among 1,800 attending a Jeremy Corbyn rally in Manchester on Saturday
Photograph: Barbara Cook/Barbara Cook/Demotix/Corbis


Maxine Peake supports the Women in Comedy UK Festival 2015

Actor Maxine Peake has joined our team of festival patrons. “I’m proud to be supporting the UK Women in Comedy Festival as a patron. A festival filled with laughter combined with feminist principles taking place in the North … what’s not to support!”


Actress Maxine Peake joins people of Bolton to remember those who died in struggle for democracy

BOLTON actress Maxine Peake led tributes to those who died in the struggle for democracy at the infamous Peterloo Massacre.

She was joined by dozens of people from her hometown including Little Hulton actor Christopher Ecclestone, to remember the campaigners who marched to St Peter’s Field, now St Peter’s Square, Manchester 196 years ago.

Maxine read the protest inspired poem The Mask of Anarchy while Doctor Who star Christopher read from a speech delivered at the time by Henry Hunt, a radical speaker.

Both read out the names of those who had been killed when around 60,000 people had gathered peacefully to hear Mr Hunt, a political reformer.

It became known as the “Peterloo Massacre'” in an ironic comparison to the Battle of Waterloo, which had taken place just four years earlier.

Dozens of people walked from Bolton into Manchester where they joined by marches from across Greater Manchester to remember those who died and were injured at the hands of the cavalry in St Peter’s Field.

Chris Chilton, chairman of Bolton Socialist Club, from where the marchers set off from, said: “There were around 600 people in Manchester, and the idea is for the event to get bigger and bigger every year for the bicentennial anniversary.

“It was a positive atmosphere. There was the Open Voice Choir singing songs including We Shall Overcome.

“There were families and children.

“It is a very important event in the struggle for democracy but it is often underplayed and is not often taught at schools, which is very convenient for the political establishment.

“We are reminded of the sacrifice made in the past.”

He added: “It is powerful being part of the march, it gives you confidence and sense of belief in the power of ordinary people.”




After marches from all over Greater Manchester, re-enacting the great St Peter’s Field rights gathering in 1819 that led to the bloody Peterloo Massacre, a solemn commemoration was held outside Manchester Convention Centre (GMex) yesterday.

The names of the 15 dead were remembered as Christopher Eccleston read a fragment of Henry Hunt’s attempted speech, John Henshaw read Samuel Bamford’s eye witness account of the slaughter and Maxine Peake recited verses from Percy Shelley’s The Masque of Anarchy… “Rise like lions…Ye are many – they are few…”

After a minute’s silence, Maxine Peake reads out selected verses from Percy Shelley’s The Masque of Anarachy, a poem that was banned for thirty years after he wrote it…

“And that slaughter to the Nation
Shall steam up like inspiration,
Eloquent, oracular;
A volcano heard afar.

And these words shall then become
Like Oppression’s thundered doom
Ringing through each heart and brain,
Again – again – again…

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number –
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many – they are few…’

The words from the Bolton marchers in the morning ring truer every minute…“It’s absolutely crucial that people understand the struggles that people went through and the sacrifices they made to get the vote and to open up democracy for everybody…”