Palestinian children’s rights – Open Letter signed by Maxine Peake

We support the campaign by Action for Palestinian Children to ensure the rights of Palestinian children are upheld in accordance with international human rights treaties and international law.

We call on Israel to implement these recommendations: 1) An end to Israel’s nighttime raids and shackling of Palestinian children; 2) Audio-visual recordings of all interrogations; 3) Parents given the right to be present during questioning and the child’s right to access to a lawyer before their interrogation respected; 4) An end to the transfer of children to prisons inside Israel in breach of article 76 of the fourth Geneva convention; 5) An end to the use of solitary confinement.

We call on Israel to implement all recommendations made in the independent report Children in Military Custody.

Geoffrey Bindman QC
Caryl Churchill
William Dalrymple
Owen Jones
Elizabeth Laird
Ken Loach
Maxine Peake
Kika Markham
Bella Freud
Michael Rosen
Mark Rylance
Ahdaf Soueif
Alf Dubs
Glenys Kinnock
Jenny Tonge
Peter Bottomley MP
Richard Burden MP
Sandra Osborne MP
Lisa Nandy MP
Andy Slaughter MP
Grahame Morris MP
Katy Clark MP
Caroline Lucas MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Prof Hilary Rose
Prof Steven Rose
Dr Nur Masalha
Karma Nabulsi
Dr Ghada Karmi
Antoine Zahlan
Dr Salman Abu Sitta
Dr Hilary Wise
Prof Kamel Hawwash
Dr John Yandell
Frances O’Grady
Len McCluskey
Mark Serwotka
Dave Prentis
Christine Blower
Mick Whelan
Bob Crow
Paul Kenny
Steve Gillan
Bob Monks
Ian Lawrence
Ronnie Draper
Sally Hunt
Michelle Stanistreet
Matt Wrack
Larry Flanagan
Christine Payne
Manuel Cortes
Billy Hayes
Rodney Bickerstaffe
Keith Sonnet
Kevin Courtney
Max Hyde
Mary Compton
John Austin
Roy Bailey
Victoria Brittain
Tony Graham
Rev David Haslam
Rev Canon Garth Hewitt
Betty Hunter
Bruce Kent
Hugh Lanning
Martin Linton
Jeremy Moodey
Chris Rose
Peter Tatchell
Kiri Tunks
Diana Neslen
Julie Bourne
Sarah Ker
Alex Kenny
Glyn Secker
Maisie Carter
Jenny Flintoft
Gill Swain
Martin Lynch
Steve Bell
Diane Hutchinson
Sue Plater
Paul Thomson
Maha Rahwanji
Yasmin Latif
Louise Regan
Pete Bevis
Maggie Bevis
Ivan Wels
Ruth Hooper
Dave Clinch
Liz Clinch
Guy Shennan
Orlando Hill
Sabrina Rahman
Kate Parsley
Bruce Mackenzie
J Normaschild
Penny Leach
Sue Owen
Natasha Posner
Katrina Thornton
Veronica Plowden
Dennis O’Malley
Sami Ramadani
John Lloyd
Ellen Graubart
Louise Ashworth
Darienne Hemington
Monica Brady
Carola Towle
Yukiko Hosomi
Martin Francis
Brian Durrans
Trilby Roberts
Zahra Asif
Jack White
Dr Rob Tunbridge
James Gibb
Martin Powell-Davies
Holly Smith
Sylvia Cohen
Colin McKean
Brenda Gaillie
Mark Kelly
Robert Lugg
Terry Conway
Eddie Wilde
Rachel Cheeseman


Open Letter to the Guardian – Action Against Racism & Xenophobia

This letter was published in The Guardian on 7th August 2013.

If you agree with it, please also sign this petition.

We are writing to express our concern about recent Government initiatives against irregular immigration (“Immigration spot checks not racist, says Home Office“, 3 August). The most recent of these include the ‘Go Home’ van campaign, which echoes the National Front graffiti slogans in the 1970s, and the immigration raids on tube stations in poor, mixed urban areas, which according to Doreen Lawrence and eyewitness accounts have involved racial profiling. Proposals to require tourists from six Asian and African countries to pay a £3000 bond; to charge non-EU migrants for healthcare; and to require private landlords to check the immigration status of prospective tenants also open the door to a great deal of discrimination and abuse. These initiatives, combined with their promotion through inflammatory language on Twitter, represent an increasing politicisation of Home Office policy, where fears about immigration are exploited for a hoped-for electoral gain, whilst creating a climate of fear for migrants and people of colour.

We condemn and demand the withdrawal of these ill-thought-out and reactionary initiatives. We believe that they may incite racism and intolerance within our communities and reverse the progress that has been made by previous generations towards equality. It is with great urgency that we ask the government to review its approach to immigration policy. We also call on others to join us in this condemnation of current government policy.

Kirsten Forkert, Birmingham City University
Gurminder K Bhambra, University of Warwick
Hannah Jones, Open University
Lord Meghnad Desai
Ken Livingstone
Salma Yaqoob
Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party
Isabella Sankey, Policy Director, Liberty
Ojeaku Nwabuzo, The Runnymede Trust
Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion
Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary, Unite
Robert Sparks| Partner |Fisher Meredith LLP
Maxine Peake, actress
Owen Jones, author and journalist

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