Maxine Peake among the 9 of the best Hamlets ever!

Maxine Peake
‘I’ve had emails from actresses saying thanks for doing this,’ Peake told us last year. ‘But, lovely as that is, it wasn’t a feminist statement. I just thought, why not?’ That kind of sums it all up, because Peake pulls out a performance that will rival any Hamlet that came before her. She’s fierce, but vulnerable, cutting and ferocious, proving so many more women should play Hamlet.


HAMLET film starring Maxine Peake to premiere on Sky Arts this Monday!

Mark your calendars, Hamlet film will premiere on Sky Arts on 29 June!

Critically acclaimed on stage, celebrated in cinemas – the on screen success of Maxine Peake as Hamlet continues!

Screenings of the film version of the Royal Exchange Theatre’s sell-out production of HAMLET, with BAFTA-nominated actress Maxine Peake in the title role and directed by the Exchange’s Artistic Director Sarah Frankcom, have been watched by 34,831 people in 310 cinemas across the UK. Which came on the back of Maxine enthralling audiences during its sold out 7 week run last autumn. HAMLET was the Royal Exchange’s fastest selling show in a decade, with over 35,000 people seeing the production.

This unique production can now also be seen on Sky Arts on Monday 29 June at 8pm. Following this the film will be released on DVD in September this year, and can be pre-bought on Amazon here.

Sarah Frankcom commented: ‘Right from the beginning of this production, it felt like a thrilling opportunity to explore, excavate and interrogate something with Maxine Peake, the most fearless and most courageous actor that I’ve ever worked with.’

In the spring of 2015 the film version equally thrilled cinema goers with many venues adding additional screenings due to demand and popularity. In May it received a market screening at Cannes and was one of 50 British films selected to be shown as a part of the prestigious London Screenings which take place in June. The development of the film enabled as many people as possible to see this acclaimed production.

The Royal Exchange’s Executive Director Fiona Gasper commented;
‘It’s our desire to make the work we do here as accessible as we can, creating a film version of this sold-out production meant that as many people as possible could share in and celebrate the work created at the Exchange and in Manchester. It has proved to be incredibly popular and we’re thrilled that it is now being broadcast by Sky Arts creating another opportunity to be part of this compelling production.’

HAMLET is brought to the screen by the Award-Winning film director Margaret Williams, whose work includes WRITTEN ON SKIN (Royal Opera House/BBC). It is produced by Anne Beresford of MJW PRODUCTIONS LTD and Debbie Gray of Genesius Pictures. This is the team behind the much-praised film version of Britten’s opera PETER GRIMES ON ALDEBURGH BEACH.

Margaret said, ‘Being able to shoot creatively with eight cameras ‘in the round’ enabled us to capture the spirit of the play and create a visceral and cinematic experience’

The film version of HAMLET is supported by the Royal Exchange Theatre, Genesius Pictures, Quidem and the British Council. The Royal Exchange Theatre gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following in the making of the film: Oglesby Charitable Trust, Old Trafford Consulting Limited, Martyn & Valerie Torevell and all those who supported the theatre’s recent Catalyst project, including public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

MAXINE PEAKE is currently an Associate Artist at the Royal Exchange Theatre. Her role draws on her considerable talents as one of the nation’s best-loved actors and also as a writer. Over the next year it will include opportunities for her to get involved in the theatre’s pioneering work with community groups and young people – and work with young actors from across the city.



Cannes: Little Film Company acquires ‘Hamlet’ starring Maxine Peake

Cannes: Little Film Company acquires ‘Hamlet’ starring Maxine Peake

Exciting news! Hamlet is heading to Cannes and ‘The Little Film Company‘ has acquired worldwide sales of the film. Let’s hope Hamlet is heading to other countries soon as well so more people can enjoy this great version! 🙂

Newly filmed version of the stage production stars Maxine Peake as Shakespeare’s Dane.

Ahead of next week’s Cannes Marche, The Little Film Company has acquired worldwide sales the newly filmed version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, starring Maxine Peake (The Theory of Everything), directed by Margaret Williams. Sarah Frankcom, artistic director of the Royal Exchange Theatre, directed the stage production.

The stage production, filmed using eight cameras, will screen in the Marché on May 18.

Following a successful run at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre, Picturehouse Entertainment opened Hamlet across the UK on March 23 in more than 300 cinemas.

The production also stars John Shrapnel as Claudius/Ghost, Barbara Marten as Gertrude, Gillian Bevan as Polonia, Katie West as Ophelia and Thomas Arnold as Horatio.

The film is executive produced for Genesius Pictures by Julian Gleek, Quidem Productions by Ralph Bernard and Simon Cooper, Royal Exchange Theatre by Fiona Gasper, and produced by Anne Beresford and Debbie Gray (Northern Soul).


Video Update: Maxine Peake on the Paul O’Grady Show – 24 April

If you haven’t had time to catch Maxine’s interview on the Paul O’Grady Show last week you can watch it down below now, enjoy! Thanks to my friend Rich for making the interview available to us.

Video Update: ITV Granada Reports interviews Maxine Peake about The Falling

Here are two interviews with Maxine who was interviewed for The Falling:

Thanks to my friend Rich over at Kathryn Morris UK for his help!

The Falling special premiere event: Maisie Williams, Maxine Peake, Carol Morley & Florence Pugh talk about the film

Maisie Williams, Maxine Peake, Carol Morley & Florence Pugh talk The Falling

BBC Films attended the special premiere event for The Falling and caught up with the stars Maisie Williams, Maxine Peake and Florence Pugh, plus writer/director Carol Morley.

Direction and Interviews: Ravi Ajit Chopra
Camera: Christopher Nicholson Price
Production Assistant: Anthony Gonzales

Maxine Peake interview: The actor on new film The Falling, being a teenage communist, and the great motherhood debate

Here’s a great Saturday read for you all – enjoy this new interview below:

Peake is a stage, film and television actor, who has starred in ‘Dinner Ladies’, ‘Shameless’ and ‘The Village’

You’re at home now in Salford – what are you up to?

I’m back after three months in London. I’m having a big spring clean and my boyfriend is sorting out the garden. He’s a production designer and has been away on a film. Now we’re both back, we can relax for a bit, have a holiday in the south of France, then at the end of May I’m starting a new play in Manchester, so I’ve got to start learning lines.

Your new film, The Falling, stars British actress Maisie Williams as a teenager in a rural girls’ school – what’s it about?

It’s a coming-of-age story in some respects, about a young girl who has quite a complicated relationship with her mother and her best friend, and is swept into a mass hysteria that takes hold of her school. It’s about teen sexuality and the energy of that time of life and the emotion it creates.

Your own teenage years sound quite different – you grew up in Bolton and joined the Communist Party. Tell us more.

I joined the Communist Party when I was 18. When I was 10, there was the miners’ strike, and the Cold War was going on; it was quite a potent time to get involved in politics. I got involved through my grandfather, who was a member. I moved in with him for five years when I was 15, after my parents divorced. My mum had another boyfriend and moved away with him and I didn’t fancy it.

What about now – who will you be voting for next month?

I’m still a socialist, but I left the party for practical reasons; I went to London to drama school and got swept up with that new life. I’m not a fan of Labour – I believe they’re the reason we’re in this mess in the first place, but we need to get the Tories out. I was never a fan of Tony Blair. I was at Rada in 1997; everyone there used to call me “Red Max”. I remember everyone cheering when New Labour got in. I went straight to the phone box and rang my granddad. He said: “Oh God, Maxine, it’s not good.” And it’s getting harder.

What worries you most on a personal level?

I didn’t think I’d be sat here at 40 and still have the same battles on my hands. Sometimes it feels like the feminist movement never happened. There are lots of new factions of young women getting involved, but still we have a huge battle. Lots of it is to do with my business, with women being objectified and sexualised. I’m shocked by friends who have teenagers and by what they have to deal with. There are huge battles for everyone in every walk of life right now – I’m a feminist, but I’m a socialist first. It’s about equality for everybody.

You spoke last year about having unsuccessfully tried for children, and the pressure on women to be mothers…

It’s not like I ever said, “I’m not having children”, but when I was young, having kids was never part of my big plan. It was about my career and trying to do well. Then I met the right person and I did think about it and we discussed it and we tried, but it just didn’t happen for us. I don’t feel distraught about it. The flip side is women who do have children get pigeon-holed into being mothers and wives, and can’t get up the ladder. Whatever you choose, it’s just another way of putting women in boxes. I do get upset when people ask, “Have you got children?” I would never ask because I think you don’t really know what’s going on with people.


Maxine Peake was born in Bolton in 1974. The daughter of a lorry driver and part-time care worker, she won a scholarship to Rada and has starred in ‘Dinner Ladies’, ‘Shameless’ and ‘The Village’. A stage, film and television actor, she lives in Salford with her partner, Pawlo Wintoniuk. Her new film, ‘The Falling’, is in cinemas now


Maxine Peake is back on the big screen – Video Interview about ‘The Falling’

Maxine Peake is back on the big screen – Video Interview about ‘The Falling’

Bolton actress Maxine Peake spoke to Granada Reports about her new movie, The Falling.

Fresh from her last role as Hamlet at the Royal Exchange in Manchester Maxine Peake now starring in the movie, The Falling.

Its about the outbreak of a mysterious illness at a girl’s school in 1969.

She talked to Granada’s Entertainment Correspondent, Caroline Whitmore, about the film.

You can watch the interview here.