Video Interview: Maxine Peake on The Skriker

Actor Maxine Peake plays the lead role in a revival of Caryl Churchill’s play The Skriker, at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester until 1 August.

In the play she plays a shape-shifter, a malevolent fairy who morphs into an old woman living on the streets, an American debutante and a child desperately seeking a mother figure.

The play begins with an extraordinary monologue in which The Skriker rails against the modern world in an outpouring of inventive wordplay and puns.

Here Maxine Peake explains how she approached this scene.

Maxine Peake reads from The Skriker: ‘nobody loves me and the sun’s going to kill me’

Watch an exclusive trailer for Caryl Churchill’s The Skriker, made by the animator Alice Dunseath. Churchill’s apocalyptic 1994 play about the eponymous shape-shifter is being revived by director Sarah Frankcom, with Maxine Peake in the lead role and music by Nico Muhly and Antony.
The Skriker is at the Royal Exchange theatre from 1 July to 1 August as part of the Manchester international festival.


Clipper Tea Advert: Unbleached Teabags

Maxine did a voice-over for Clipper Tea. Check out the sweet advert below:

Our brand new advert for our delicious green tea. The film was created entirely out of paper and tells the story of how we at Clipper keep our green tea natural – we don’t even bleach our teabags. Find out more here:

Race for Life 2015 TV Ad – Join The Pink Army

Earlier this year Maxine did a voice over for the Race for Life / Pink Army campaign. You can watch the video below:

Whether you walk, jog or charge around your chosen Race for Life event, take your place in the fight against cancer and sign up now!

Listen: Bolton actress Maxine Peake records track called Loathsome Dave to strongly oppose reinstatement of David Cameron as prime minister

BOLTON actress Maxine Peake is urging people unhappy with last week’s general election result to “start standing up, asking questions and causing trouble”.

The acclaimed stage and screen star, who grew up in Westhoughton, has teamed up with The Eccentronic Research Council to “strongly oppose the reinstatement” of David Cameron as Prime Minister.

The Silk and Shameless actress said she was “heartbroken” after the Conservative Party swept to power in Britain’s parliamentary elections on Thursday.

She now fears a bleak five years with policies including the party further cutting benefits, the threat of privatisation of the NHS and negotiations through The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The 40-year-old had completed her postal vote and was holidaying in France when she heard the “devastating news” that Cameron had won the election and returned to Downing Street with an outright majority.

She contacted her musician pals, The Eccentronic Research Council, who penned the track Loathsome Dave within a matter of minutes and sent Maxine the words to record on her phone.

Lyrics of the eerie and unsettling spoken word track include “you are not food parcel and share a flat with a stranger Dave, you are 5 houses and my tax — Oh Witney Crab eyed & Bumble Dave”.

Maxine, who was given Bolton Socialist Club’s award for Outstanding Contribution to Socialism last year, said: “I was in shock and particularly heartbroken about what we had decided upon for this government.

“It was just about doing something immediate and just catching the mood we were feeling — come on, let’s get angry, and there’s a lot of humour in there as well.

“I just want people to mobilise really.

“We can’t let this happen, it’s going to be a very long and painful five years.

“We have got to start standing up, asking questions and causing trouble.

“It’s shocking and it’s tantamount to cruelty, forcing people into poverty.”

Loathsome Dave — The Eccentronic Research Council and Maxine Peake

Loathsome Dave

you have not won the battle

but dug deep the grave..

from your Westminster Death Circus

Smug Yee and Lonesome-

anti humanity, pro Selfish and Dave !

Your voice is not our voice but that of

A limp Witney Croak in the wind,

Spiteful humidity and asthma Dave

you are not like us,

you are not food parcel and share a flat with a stranger Dave,

you are 5 houses and my tax – Oh Witney Crab eyed & Bumble Dave,

High Teas and Snobbish Flea Brain

Ladies panties and flip flops Dave

a face that looks like it’s walked in to a hot Iron and ordered a half a lager Dave!

Yee – the blue tied toff dinky winky Dick Turpin dave

the thief dancing on all posterity and hostile to the disabled — rave!

Blast him Out

Anti Intelligence and negligent Dave

You are not Us,

Your Voice is not Ours,

Blast Him Out!

we are the eccentronic research council

and we are not Dave.


Clip: The Eccentronic Research Council and Maxine Peake speak to Radcliffe and Maconie – 12 May 2015

The Eccentronic Research Council and Maxine Peake chat to Mark and Stuart about collaborating on their new concept album, ‘Johnny Rocket, Narcissist and Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan’.

Video Update: Maxine Peake on the Paul O’Grady Show – 24 April

If you haven’t had time to catch Maxine’s interview on the Paul O’Grady Show last week you can watch it down below now, enjoy! Thanks to my friend Rich for making the interview available to us.