4 Years Online Anniversary of Maxine Peake News

Can you believe it’s been four years already? Time flies!

To celebrate today’s special day, I’m happy to announce we have a new Video Vault which is mobile and tablet-friendly so you can watch videos from Maxine’s various projects, interviews, clips and more from everywhere as long as you got wifi πŸ˜‰ Hope you like it!


to watch the latest videos… more to come in future updates πŸ™‚

Catch up on the latest news…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Maxine Peake News wishes you a lovely Christmas!

See you soon for more updates again πŸ™‚

Maxine Peake News – 3 YEARS online

It’s been exactly 3 years since this site, ‘Maxine Peake News‘, first opened its imaginary doors πŸ™‚

The website went through a couple of changes and hopefully, lots of improvements in the past but the aim to create a space for fans of Maxine to look out for news and photos organized in a gallery has always been the same. Now you wouldn’t think of it that much maybe – 3 years can be a long time though. When I first started writing blog posts on here, I had only just graduated, moved out, just basically starting a new chapter in my life as well as beginning my studies and along my way I discovered Silk which I still love most of all of Maxine’s work.

In summary, working on MPN has not only brought joy to me but it also means a great deal. I hope y’all stick around and keep on enjoying Maxine’s work. We certainly do πŸ˜€

Maxine Peake News has a new look!

Hello and welcome to the new version of maxine-peake.net!

As this year’s coming to an end and it’s also the beginning of December, we decided to give this fan site a whole new look. Check out the photo gallery as well:

These stunning layouts were made by my friend Sara at Saraeo Design. Thank you! <3

We hope you like the new look too. Also, you can follow us on Twitter! More updates are coming soon so stay tuned…

P.S.: Broken links etc will be fixed as soon as possible.

New host, new domain!

Due to our old host closing unexpectedly, we had to find a new one. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep our old domain either so please change your bookmarks as we’re at maxine-peake.net now! Thanks!
P.S.: Links will be fixed as soon as possible.

Happy Birthday, Maxine Peake!

Happy Birthday, Maxine Peake!

Today marks the birthday of Maxine Peake. It can be said with no hesitation that Maxine is not only an exceptional actress, but a human true to herself, her sense for justice, politically and socially, as well as her ambition is something to take as an example. Happy Birthday Maxine Peake!!


Q&A with Maxine Peake at 2pm, TOMORROW on our Facebook Fanpage!

EDIT (Update):

Big thanks to Maxine Peake who took time out her busy schedule to answer questions on FB! She is truly appreciative of all your support πŸ™‚

You can read Maxine Peake’s answers from today’s Q&A here. Happy reading and thanks for participating!

* * *


Maxine Peake agreed to take some time out her busy schedule to do an online Q&A session on our Facebook Fanpage page at 2PM, TOMORROW. So post your questions in NOW by commenting on this post.

Please make sure that your questions are only related to Maxine’s work and please remember that Maxine has a very busy schedule and limited amount of time to reply so please don’t be too disheartened if she can’t answer every single question.

She is greatly appreciative of all your support of her work, as are we.

Please comment with your question HERE!

New look at Maxine Peake News!

New look at Maxine Peake News!

As you may have noticed already when you’ve read any of the posts down below, we have a fresh new look!

The design is a premade by SaraEO Design and was edited by me. I hope you like the choice of colours πŸ™‚

Feel free to email us (see contact) in case you spy any errors, bugs or broken links.