Gallery Update: The Village 2×06 HD Screen Captures

I’ve added 335 HD captures from the sixth and last episode of The Village’s second series. Enjoy!

Lady Clem makes it clear that she will block any divorce as Martha moves back with her father, who is now living with Joy Dangerfield. Caro demands to see her son but the family informs her that he is dead and she attempts suicide. She is rescued by Bairstow who locates the child and brings him to Caro, who in turn takes him to see the Middletons, John making a full recovery, thanks to Phoebe’s speech therapy. Edmund attempts to sack Bairstow but is thwarted when the agent threatens to reveal his sexuality. Bill Gibby, whose party is out of power but is leader of the city council in Sheffield, returns. He is anxious to build a reservoir to bring clean water to Sheffield but it will involve flooding the village as Grace discovers, announcing the plan to the villagers, who give her whole-hearted support in opposing it. Sour Norma Hankin has cause to smile though on discovering that she is pregnant, Martha and Gerard flee the country to work in Africa and Bert proposes to Phoebe, who accepts.

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Watch the entire short film “Keeping Up with the Joneses” with Maxine Peake

Commissioned by BFI and Lighthouse as part of the BFI Shorts 2012 programme.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: BFI London Film Festival 2013, London Short Film Festival 2014, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2014.
BAFTA Award nomination, Best British Short Film 2014
BIFA Award nomination, Best British Short 2014
WINNER: Best Thriller Short Award, London Short Film Festival 2014
WINNER: Best Thriller, Aesthetica Film Festival 2014

Writer: Selina Lim
Director: Michael Pearce
Producer: Megan Stuart-Wallace
Cast: Maxine Peake, Geoff Bell, Adeel Akhtar

28 mins Black comedy. MP’s wife Celia discovers her husband’s true colours when she is taken hostage by his criminal business associates.

Gallery Update: The Village 2×05 HD Screen Captures

I’ve added 405 HD captures from the fifth episode of The Village’s second series. Enjoy!

As John lies in a coma two hectoring policemen arrive, more intent on proving the villagers were trespassing than finding out who shot John. Grace seeks help from Bill, whose declaration of love for sets tongues wagging. Principled George, a journalist, is leaned on by his family to demonize the ramblers and by the police to incriminate Gilbert, Bert and Gerard, refusing the latter. He is under more stress when Martha leaves him for Gerard, though the Allinghams will not sanction a divorce. With the lads on trial for trespass Bairstow seeks to discredit Bill as a witness but an act of altruism by George leads to a not guilty verdict and grounds for a divorce.

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Gallery Update: The Village 2×04 HD Screen Captures

I’ve added 225 HD captures from the fourth episode of The Village’s second series. Enjoy!

Bert considers leaving the village after receiving a postcard from Ghana Jones in London. Meanwhile he acts as best man as Gilbert marries Agnes. Arnold Hankin holds a reception in his dance hall and is positive about the marriage but his bitter wife Norma resents the fact that Gilbert has married a woman who bore another man’s child. After the wedding Martha and Gerard succumb to passion in the schoolroom whilst Bert and Phoebe go for a walk on the moors and are confronted by a sour-faced gamekeeper as the Allinghams are now fencing off the land. On the morning of his wedding to Harriet Lady Clem discovers that Edmund is, indeed, a homosexual after catching his lover sneaking out of his bedroom early. but makes him go through with the marriage for show. Bill Gibby returns after nearly a year away to Grace’s delight and joins her, Robin the vicar, Bert and others in a protest march on the newly-enclosed land. John races to stop Grace but is shot when guns are turned on the peaceful ramblers.

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Event: Maxine Peake’s Hamlet and Women in the Creative Industries

Maxine Peake’s Hamlet and Women in the Creative Industries

The British Council celebrates the role of women in the creative industries and explores how Shakespeare’s work can influence them with a screening of Sarah Frankcom’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s iconic play, Hamlet. Starring Maxine Peake, this ultimate play is about loyalty, betrayal, love, murder and madness. A lively and thought-provoking panel discussion follows on the role of women in the creative industries. The panel encourages those present to critically explore gender roles and challenge the barriers that still exist. The British Council are asking for your help to stimulate some early discussion in return for a free ticket. Suggest a question for the panel or telling them why you think Hamlet is so relevant to the lives of women today. Please send email questions and comments to Amy Rogers. HOME, 9 March, time and tickets TBC.


Maxine Peake News – 3 YEARS online

It’s been exactly 3 years since this site, ‘Maxine Peake News‘, first opened its imaginary doors 🙂

The website went through a couple of changes and hopefully, lots of improvements in the past but the aim to create a space for fans of Maxine to look out for news and photos organized in a gallery has always been the same. Now you wouldn’t think of it that much maybe – 3 years can be a long time though. When I first started writing blog posts on here, I had only just graduated, moved out, just basically starting a new chapter in my life as well as beginning my studies and along my way I discovered Silk which I still love most of all of Maxine’s work.

In summary, working on MPN has not only brought joy to me but it also means a great deal. I hope y’all stick around and keep on enjoying Maxine’s work. We certainly do 😀

Gallery Update: The Village 2×03 HD Screen Captures

I’ve added 320 HD captures from the third episode of The Village’s second series. Enjoy!

John starts to make a success of the farm at last whilst Grace and Bill try to get Agnes reinstated at the factory. Clem tells Edmund that, as a prospective member of parliament, he should not give his opponent Labour candidate Bill a martyr and Agnes is taken on by Norma Hankin as her maid. When Bairstow reveals her pregnancy Norma sacks her and she prepares to leave the village but the adoring Gilbert stops her. Kilmartin’s daughter Harriet arrives at the Allinghams with Clem anxious that she should marry Edmund though they are both uncomfortable with the idea. Bert starts to date Phoebe and Bill, voted for by George and Grace but not John, wins the election to be the local MP. Emboldened by this victory Grace challenges Clem to give the name and details of the child born to Caro and her son Joe.

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