“Funny Cow” Update

Update 21st March:

Go behind the scenes to see exclusive new photos from the filming of “Funny Cow“:

More via @MaxinePeakeNews & @FunnyCowFilm.

Who’s that redhead in the shades? Maxine Peake on the set of ‘The Comic Strip Presents . . . The Red Top!’

With her flowing red locks, leather boots and gloves, and no-nonsense grey raincoat, newspaper boss Rebekah Brooks appeared to have moved to Plymouth at the weekend.

Maxine Peake on set as newspaper boss Rebekah Brooks for new TV satire The Comic Strip Presents . . . The Red Top! which is being filmed in Devon

Hiding behind huge sunglasses, the woman was, in fact, actress Maxine Peake, 41, who plays Brooks, 47, in TV satire The Comic Strip Presents . . . The Red Top!, which is filming in the city.

Brooks was cleared of all charges in the phone-hacking trial and the comedy will tell the story of ‘an innocent and beguiling Northern girl . . . caught up in a Watergate-style scandal’.

Her boss, Rupert Murdoch, 84, may be flattered to learn he’s being played by Nigel Planer, The Young Ones actor 22 years his junior.


The Village returns next month + On the Set Interview with Maxine Peake!

Good news everyone! BBC One’s The Village returns to our screens much earlier than expected… next month! You better mark your calendars. As soon as the exact day is announced I’ll announce it here, of course. Now the programme “Countryfile” visited the show’s set recently and also interviewed Maxine Peake. Thanks Chuckie for the heads-up! 🙂

Watch Maxine’s interview here:

* * *

And if you’re interested in the whole part of the ‘The Village’ set visit you can check out this video:

Countryfile is in the Peak District where John Craven is on the set of the BBC drama, The Village, and Tom Heap looks at the value of the British shooting industry.

Big thanks to Kathryn Morris UK for helping out with the videos!